Color Printing Technology
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As professionals working in printing and production, Caesar Pac makes every effort to create and deliver colors that make a lasting impact of satisfaction on our customers.

Caesar Pac’s Color Matching Technology

Here at Caesar Pac we understand that your brand's color is an important part of your corporate identity. Our ink color matching service will match your colors to any pantone or custom print you require. Our custom ink matching system will successfully create the ink formula of any color so your boxes looks as perfect as you would like them to be.


We use up to date equipment and innovative processing to make your custom ink color match your sample / desired colors exactly.


Through the process of choosing the best suited color for your product we offer you two kinds of color guides to choose from GCMI & PANTONE®


GCMI colors are like Pantone®, but are used in the corrugated box industry. GCMI is designed primarily for corrugated substrates and other rough uncoated paper substrate; it is primarily formulated to provide strong coverage over rough services.


We print using the Offset Flexo method, and we are proud to have two processes for doing so depending on your requirements and colors CMYK & Spot.


Our ink technicians will mix colors to suit your specific needs in order to:

  • Ensure the exact replication of ink formulas
  • Enhance quick color matches since we use the a color formulation software
  • Flexibility to change colors (before the production process)
  • Special inks can be created and combined to provide new, flexible packaging products.